About us

Welcome to my store! 

My name is Suzanne Noll and I am the Owner and artist of Animal Instincts Art Studio.

I have always loved all forms of art, but I found that my passion steered me into the media of ceramics and mosaics. My first ceramics class was in high school where I became immediately enamored. Later in life, I also found I was very interested in incorporating mosaics in some of my art.  

I make all my pieces without the use of any cookie cutter molds, I create by hand building, glazing and firing each and every clay form, making all pieces unique and one of a kind. All my ceramic creations, be it tiles, jewelry, sculptures, leash holders or other nature or animal inspired decor are crafted with absolute attention to detail and of course with lots of love. 

My art style has many names, but whimsical, fun, cartoon, bohemian all seem to be the closest to describe my art. 

I am so fortunate and grateful to make my ceramic pieces that will brighten anyone's home, day or atmosphere in world where it is not always easy to find the light. 

Thank you so much for visiting my shop, and please come back often and buy just as often.

Have a wonderful day!

Suzanne Noll